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13 Amazing Ibn Khaldun Quotes which will Make you Think – Must Read

Ibn Khaldun was one of the best minds in the Muslim history and this collection of Ibn Khaldun Quotes will make you think and ponder over various faces and parts of life and society.

Ibn Khaldun is regarded as a philosopher and father of economics among many other things. His most famous work is known as “Muqaddimah” in which he deals with various important topics and subjects of a civilization and society. He had a very keen observation of history and wrote extensively on it.


In sha Allah, you will find benefit in these Ibn Khaldun Quotes and you will enjoy reading it.

11 Ibn Khaldun Quotes to Make You Think 

1. Throughout the history, many nations have suffered a physical defeat, but that has never marked the end of a nation. But when a nation has become the victim of a psychological defeat, then that marks the end of a nation. – Ibn Khaldun Quotes

2. Man is essentially Ignorant and becomes learned through acquiring knowledge. – Ibn Khaldun Quotes

Ibn Khaldun Quotes


3. Government is an institution which prevents injustice other than such as it commits itself. – Ibn Khaldun Quotes

4. If the soul is impartial in receiving information, it devotes to that information the share of critical investigation the information deserves, and its truth or untruth thus becomes clear. However, if the soul is infected with partisanship for a particular opinion or sect, it accepts without a moment’s hesitation the information that is agreeable to it. Prejudice and partisanship obscure the critical faculty and preclude critical investigation. The results is that falsehoods are accepted and transmitted. – Ibn Khaldun Quotes

5. Man is the child of customs, not the child of his ancestors. – Ibn Khaldun Quotes

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