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101+ Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam with Pictures – 2016

Status of Women in Islam

Islam holds women in an esteemed position and this list of Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam is an effort Women in Islam, Muslim Womanto make it clear that Islam gives all genders their due rights and roles according to the divine wisdom. However, there are many “Muslim” countries who mistreatΒ women because of the culture of ignorance. The act of Muslims who have not really learned the deen and act unconsciously on the basis cultural upbringing does not represent Islam, Muslim Women and Status of Women in Islam in any way.

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Muslim Women and Confused status of Women in Islam


One of the popular tools through which modernists and so called intellectuals are trying to defame Islam is by misquoting the status of women in Islam. Therefore, IΒ put a lot of time and effort into curating these Islamic Quotes on the status of women in Islam. The fact is that millions of Muslim women enjoy their rights and are treated well by Muslims in the society. Only a small percentage of Muslim women suffers but not due to the religion of Islam, but due to the cultural rituals and mindset prevailed in the country.

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In the recent development in Pakistan, a women protection bill has been passed by the elected assembly of one of its province, Punjab. This bill also raised a lot of controversies in the name of Islam also. So this list of Islamic Quotes on Women, Marriage, Hijab and the status of feminine gender in Islam is an effort to make it clear how esteemed is the role of women and her status is in Islam.

While the western culture and countries claim to treat their women better, their history shows that they have just learned the lesson and that too partially. However, Islam liberated women about 1400+ years ago through its beautiful teaching of mutual love, respect, responsibilities, and rights.

101+ Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam

1. The women are not a garment you wear and undress however you like. They are honored and have their rights. – Islam & WomenMuslim Women

2. Be respectful to women, for they are the mothers of Mankind. – Imam Ali (A.S)Muslim Women

3. Β Dear men: You might think she wants your care, your money and your gifts. But the rights
Muslim Women

4. Yes it’s hot, it’s hard, it’s different but I LOVE wearing it. – Muslim Women

status of women in islam


5. A Women dressed is as a pearl in its shell. – Muslim Womenstatus of women in islam

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