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Assalam Alaikum Everyone, I welcome you to this blog on Islamic Quotes. Since you have landed on the page which simply tells “About Us” so you will be reading everything which is basically about this blog, in sha Allah. So let’s roll with it. šŸ™‚

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Brief History of Great Islamic Quotes:

Since I was around 15 years of age I used to go on theĀ Internet to browse and read quotes on various topics such as Confidence, Success, Leadership, Self-Discovery, and more. At that time, I knew nothing about blogging and I didn’t even know how to properly search on Google.com. All I used to do was to put random stuff in Google search bar and then visit the websites which come at me. Through this activity on various websites, I developed a taste and liking for reading over The Internet, particularly the short quotations and articles.

The Problem:Ā 

Ramadan Quotes & Wishes

As I have shared above that even though I didn’t know how to properly use Google and how to search data on it, I use to stumble on great informational sites on topics related to Personal Development and Success. But unfortunately, when I wanted to search and read the good collection of quotes on topics related to Islam such as Fasting, Faith, Character, Knowledge in Islam etc I would face a hard time finding a good resource on Islamic Quotes.

The Idea Begins:Ā 

Muhammad Ali Quotes

Facing this problem I thought that if I am facing this problem then there must be many other Muslims just like me who are searching for Islamic Quotes on various topics and of various Islamic Scholars but are not finding greatly useful resources. Therefore, I decided to build such resource on my own, with the help of Allah, in sha Allah.

This decision marked the beginning of www.GreatIslamicQuotes.com where I will be trying to collect as much Islamic Quotes as possible on various topics and of various Islamic Scholars.

So in short www.GreatIslamicQuotes.com aims to become the largest collection of Islamic Quotes on the Internet so that Muslims and Non-Muslims can find useful and beneficial content related to their needs and Queries.Ā 

You can also contribute to this mission by sharing Islamic Quotes which you like and suggesting us topics and scholars to cover.

You can contact us at:
Email: GreatIslamicQuotes@gmail.com
Facebook:Ā https://www.facebook.com/GreatIslamicQuotesss/
Twitter: @IslamicSharing

I hope that you will get benefit from this work and I pray that Allah accepts our work, Intention and Effort also, Ameen.