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25+ Bilal Philips Dua Quotes – Powerful Islamic Duas

Powerful Islamic Duas - Dua QuotesThe Reason why I have added Dua Quotes of Dr Bilal Philips is because his quotes will not only inspire you, but will give so much hope which is much needed for us Muslims right now. Before understanding the Dua Quotes it is Important for us to know the history of the great scholar, Dr. Bilal Philips.

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About Bilal Philips:
Dr Bilal Philips Said, “There is no time for holidays, when you realize how little time there is, and how much work has to be done for Islam.”

Born in Jamaica and grew up in Canada, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, once a Christian is now a popular Islamic scholar of modern time. He accepted Islam back in 1972. He completed his B. A from the College of Islamic Disciplines in Islamic University of Madinah and M.A in Islamic theory from the University of Riyadh. Presently, he is a lecturer in American University in Dubai and University of Ajman, UAE teaching Islamic Studies and Arabic.

He is a founder of a popular Islamic Institute in United Arab Emirates known as “Discover Islam” Or Islamic Information Center in Dubai. Not only this, but he founded a couple of Islamic institutes which are perfect source of inspiration and knowledge for all the Muslims around the world. Recently, in 2007 he founded the Islamic Online University, where you can get Islamic education and can be enrolled in so many Islamic courses. This online university is offering free courses to over 100,000 students since 2007 and serving Muslims over 207 countries.

25+ Bilal Philips Dua Quotes – Powerful Islamic Duas

  1. Never give up making du’a to Allah. It may not happen now, it may not happen next month, but it will happen when Allah knows is best for you. – Dua Quotes

  2. Keep Making Dua with the same passion you had at the start. Don’t let a delayed answer bring you down. Allah will not turn you away empty handed. – Dua Quotes

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than the connection between you and your Creator whilst in sujood. – Dua Quotes

  4. If you treat your Salah as a CHORE, you will not enjoy it. Treat it as a CONVERSATION between you and Allah, and your perception should change. – Dua Quotes

  5. When we pray, Allah hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine, in His own time and in His own way! – Dua Quotes

  6. Sometimes our eyes need to be washed by our tears so that we can life with a clearer view. – Islamic DuasDua Quotes

  7. Remember, Allah’s delay is not Allah’s denial. Allah knows what’s best for us and when it’s best for us to have it. – Islamic Duas

  8. Never STOP PRAYING no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem. KEEP YOUR FAITH. – Islamic Duas

  9. You lost hope because you saw only your sins and could not see what is greater: His mercy. – Islamic Duas

  10. Allah hears every unspoken word, sees every unseen wound and mends every unbearable pain. – Islamic Duas

  11. Ask Allah to give you Tawfiq and the strength to do the things that please Him. – Islamic Duas

  12. When a problem knocks at the door, answer it with prayer and patience. – Islamic Duas

  13. Allah is the one who can do the unexpected. We have to believe that even though situations may seem hopeless, Allah can always solve the problem. – Islamic Duas

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  14. If something is destined for you, never in a million years will it be for somebody else. – Dua Quotes

  15. Ask ALLAH for a content heart and you will find yourself among the HAPPIEST of the people. – Dua Quotes

  16. Everyone has problems but not everyone has Allah!. – Dua QuotesDua Quotes

  17. You may have sinned and failed a thousand times or more, yet HIS Mercy is infinite. What are you waiting for? Turn to HIM and start afresh. – Dua Quotes

  18. Wherever ALLAH takes you in this life, HE will always PROTECT YOU! – Dua Quotes

  19. If you want to focus more on Allah in your prayers, focus more on Him outside your prayers. – Dua Quotes

  20. Shedding tears often in Islam prevents the hardening of the heart. May Allah open our hearts and steer them far away from neglect. Ameen. – Dua Quotes

  21. Bad things in life open your eyes to those things you weren’t paying much attention to before. That’s a blessing from Allah too! – Powerful Duas

  22. When the world doesn’t understand you just remember, Allah does! – Powerful Duas

  23. Being a Muslim is more than just going to the masjid – Allah wants your ‘attention’ not just your ‘attendance’ – Powerful Duas

  24. We often wonder why we didn’t get what we want, but we need to realize that sometimes Allah keeps something away from us in order to give us something better. – Powerful Duas

  25. Do not let your small drops of sin become a flooding river of regret. Ask Allah to forgive you regularly and return to Him when you go astray. – Powerful Duas

  26. Allah will hear when you call upon Him, and honor you with responding to your call!. He is As-Samee, The All-Hearing. – Dua QuotesDua Quotes

  27. The more you trust Allah, the easier it becomes to be patient. – Dua Quotes

  28. When you can’t put your prayers into words, Allah hears your heart. – Dua Quotes


Disclaimer: All quotes are curated with care & dedication for authenticity. However, author cannot guarantee 100% authentication of all quotes. If there are some quotes which in your knowledge are not of the quoted personality, let us know through contact page. Allah knows best.


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