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11 Eye Opening Islamic Quotes of Shaykh Imran Hosein

Islamic Quotes of Imran HoseinMain reason why I decided to include Imran Hosein and his Islamic Quotes to this blog is that his work and his message is of great importance to Muslims particularly in the modern age in which we live in. Imran Hosein and his work on Last Age is of paramount importance for every person who is seeking an understanding of the world he or she lives in.

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But before moving on to the Islamic quotes from his work, let us read the brief introduction of Imran Hosein.

About Imran Hosein

Imran Hosein is from the Island of Trinidad. He was born in 1942 and is from a lineage of parents linked back to India. He has studied hard and is a fine graduate from the city of Pakistan, Karachi from the institute of Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies. Other than this institution, Imran Hosein also studied in the University of Karachi, Al Azhar University and he has also studied International Relations from Switzerland.

As for his professional career, he worked in the Trinidad in its Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Foreign Service Officer. He quit his job in 1985 to commit himself to serve the Islam and Muslim Ummah around the world. He thus delivered several speeches and lectures in various universities, institutions, mosques and churches.

Imran Hosein is also the author of many books including “Jerusalem in the Quran”, “An Islamic view of Gog and Magog in the Modern Age”, “The Gold Dinar and the Silver Dirham – The future of Money”, “Surah Kahf in the Modern Age” among dozen others.

Islamic Quotes of Imran Hosein

  1. Muslims who still prefer to reside in, or support, the conduct of the modern West where a man can now legally wed another man, and who proudly identify with American, British, French, German, etc., armed forces as “our armed forces”, should be recognized as belonging to the modern west rather than to the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad (sallahu ‘alahi wa sallam).

  1. Muslims should withdraw their support for Governments which rule over Muslims and which have so far failed to respond appropriately to the Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gazzan Arabs and Muslims.

  1. When a ship is sinking and you cannot prevent it from sinking, you have to get off that ship, and urge others as well to do so

  1. The ship of the world is now sinking! The evidence is all around us as plainly visible as daylight! But those who are blind cannot see that the ship is sinking. They use their checkbooks, or the barrels of their guns, to impose themselves around the world as leaders. The blind then lead the blind until all are lost and will be drowned like the people of Noah (peace be upon him).

  1. Those like Dajjāl, who see with one eye, can never be patient enough to learn from those like Khidr, who see with two eyes, i.e., the external and the internal.
    Islamic Quotes - Imran Hosein


  1. A strange ‘obsession’ with Islam explains the Euro-world order’s relentless war on Islam and the ‘biting’ questions that continue to be posed concerning the continuing failure to establish constitutional democracy in the Muslim world

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  1. The Khilafat Movement threatened to topple the entire system of European political secularism and constitutional democracy that the colonial West was forcing upon the non-White world. And so a British strategy was devised, in collaboration with Mustafa Kamal’s newly emerging secular Republic of Turkey, to abolish the Turkish Caliphate and, in so doing, to sabotage and to bring about the collapse of the Khilafat Movement with its alarming Hindu-Muslim alliance

  1. When a ship is sinking and you cannot prevent it from sinking, you have to get off that ship, and urge others as well to do so – Shaykh Imran N. Hosein
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  1. The ‘world-order’ wages relentless war on the religious way of life in general, and on Islam in particular. They use their absolute power to corrupt, to oppress, and to engage in acts of injustice and wickedness with no parallel in history.

  1. Jewish Christian ‘white’ war crimes now inflicted on Arab Muslim Iraq are but a continuation of ‘white’ apartheid inflicted on black Christian Africa. Their greed is indescribable. They suck the wealth of all of mankind through legalized theft, and they even take from the poor the little that they possess. Eventually they imprison all of mankind in a new economic slavery. They are essentially godless and amazingly decadent, and possess such powers of deception that ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ are always opposite to each other in everything they do.

  1. The Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order has protected and strengthened that Israel to such an extent that it has now become a super-power. Indeed it will soon become the ‘ruling state in the world.


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  1. I really found these quotese inspiring and helpful. Thank You for sharing these Islamic Quotes… Jazak’Allah

  2. These are really good Islamic Quotes you shared. I liked this post very much. Do you have some quotes on Marriage in Islam as well?

  3. This is Imran N. Hosein. May Allah bless you for your courageous work. I do not recall ever have made this statement:

    The original goal of the invasion of Afghanistan was not to drop bombs on mud-huts, or fight ghost-terrorists like Al-Qaeda, or to fight some imaginary heavily-armed Guerrilla Groups whom America needs 130,000 troops to contain. The truth is far from it, in fact that truth has been tainted to the extent that the lie has disguised itself as the truth to fool the rest of the world.

    Can you kindly provide me the source of the quote?

    Imran N. Hosein

    1. Jazak’Allah for taking your time out of your busy schedule and helping me correct the content. On re-checking, I have found that this was added with mistake. I have removed that quote from the list now. Jazak’Allah again.

  4. Shaykh Imran Hosein quotes are really informative and eye opening. You have rightly put it in the title. Thank You for the post. 🙂

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