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121+ Islamic Marriage Quotes on Love & Life (Updated) – 2016 Edition

121+ Islamic Love & Marriage QuotesIslamic Marriage & Love Quotes – Islam is one of the most followed religion in the world which promotes and spreads the message of love. Islamic marriage is a major cornerstone in life of a Muslim. These Islamic Quotes on Love and Islamic Marriage quotes will tell you about the great emphasis which Islam puts on love in marriage and between Muslim husbands and wives. So in a way this list is also a list of Islamic Marriage quotes for Husbands and Wives, not just on Valentine day, but these Islamic love quotes will inspire you throughout the year to keep loving your Muslim spouse, in sha Allah, God Willing.


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Valentine’s Day in Islam:

It is a well-known fact that Islam is against this pagan festival of 14 February, namely, Valentine’s Day. But let me make it clear that Why Islam is against Valentine’s Day.

If you look closely into the matter of why Valentine’s day is Haraam (forbidden) in Islam, you will discover a great piece of wisdom. There is a basic principle of Haya and moderation in Islam, while Valentine’s Day is all about consumerism and romantic love (yes, not REAL love).

Islamic Love & Marriage quotes vs Valentine's Day

So in short, Islam is not against real love between blood relations or romantic love between Muslim spouses, but it is against consumerism and shamelessness as Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him is reported to have said that Hay’a (Modesty) is of great Importance in Islam. (Mafhoom-e-Hadith)

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To make it clear further, I am sharing these Islamic love quotes and Islamic Marriage quotes to show you how greatly Islam promote real love, care and romantic love between Muslim couples.

So getting Valentine’s day out of the way of real love, lets read this amazing list of Islamic Love & Marriage Quotes. While you are reading, select the quotes which you liked the best and then share them with us in the comment section, I’ll be waiting to read your favorite Islamic Love Quotes 🙂

121+ Islamic Marriage Quotes on Love & Life (with Images) – 2016 Edition

1. The Best of you are those who are the best to their wives. – Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon HimIslamic Quotes on Love

2. “And He (Allah) has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect” – Allah Quotes (Quran)Islamic Love Quotes

3. This image shows the beautiful sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH in dealing with wives :). – Islamic Marriage QuotesLove in Islam Quotes

4. Muslim couples shall love their spouse so much that they want to be with them in Jannah also. – Islamic Quotes about LoveMuslim Couples Love

6. “Tell Allah in your prayers that you want to build the bridge to Jannah with this person….” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

7. “The only thing which is better than love at first sight is love with Insight” – Islamic Love QuotesLove in Islam

8. “Love is when hearts harbor mutual affection due to the harmony between their spirits.” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Marriage Quotes

9. “And one of his signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect” – Islamic Quotes on LoveIslamic Love Quotes


10. “Allah places in the heart the love for whom He wishes” – Islamic Quotes on LoveIslamic Quote on Love

11. “Don’t worry too much, if it’s meant to be it will find it’s way, in sha Allah” – Islamic Quotes on AqeedahIslamic Quotes on Marriage

12. “Marry someone who is deeply interested in the deen, because that is who your children will follow.” – Mufti Ismail MenkIslamic Quotes on Marriage

13. “They say you can never love someone who you have never seen. I just smiled and said…” – Islamic Marriage QuotesLove of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H in Islam

14. Subhan’Allah, even looking at your spouse with love has a reward with Allah. – Islamic Quotes about Marriagelove marriage in Islam

15. “Ya llah, If I am to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to You.” – Islamic Love Quotes

Islamic love Quotes pray


16. “Haraam love is just like salty water, no matter how much you drink from it, it will never quench your thirst” – Islamic Quotes on LoveHaraam Love in Islam

17. “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in you from love without marriage and marriage without love.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic Quotes on marriage

18. “You are the happiness I asked God for” Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Quotes in Arabic

19. “Others may abandon  you, forget you, and ignore you, but Allah will love you, always. No matter what.” – Allah QuotesIslamic Quotes about Love and Marriage

20. “What is love? It is love when your spouse reminds you of Allah SWT” – Islamic Love Quotes
Love in Islam

21. “There is someone out there making dua to be with someone like you” -Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Marriage Quotes

22. “At the end of the day, it’s all about the ones who makes us feel alive” – Beautiful Islamic Marriage QuotesLove in Islam - Beuatiful islamic Love Quotes

23. “Our love is the best love because you make my imaan rise. You help me in the dunya and for that reason I want to meet you again in Jannah” – Marriage in IslamIslamic Quotes

24. “Happily ever after is when the both of you step into paradise together. That’s the true love you should work for.” – True Love in IslamIslamic Love Quotes on Marriage

25. “A handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding, but a faithful man and a pious woman will make a beautiful marriage” – Islamic Marriage Quotes

Beautiful Marriage in Islam

26. “When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah look at them with mercy” – Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

27. “The couple who prays together stays together” – Islamic Marriage QuotesMuslim Couple

28. “Marrying someone who Loves Allah will show you more about your future than anything else you’ll hear or see.” – Marriage in IslamIslamic Quotes on Love

29. “Mr. Right won’t distract you from your Lord. If he distances you from Allah, he’s Mr. Wrong.” – Abdul Bary YahyaIslamic Quotes on Love

30. “A man should be like a child with his wife, but if she needs him, he should act like a man.” – Islamic Marriage Quotes

Islamic Quotes on Love

31. “It is the duty of the Muslim husband to be religiously educated and to see that his wife also receive a religious education.” – Bilal PhilipsIslamic Love Quotes

32. “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love on another.” – Love Marriage in IslamIslamic Love Quotes

33. “One of the beautiful ways we worship Allah is… through Marriage” – Marriage in IslamLove Marriage in Islam

34. “Marry someone you believe can help you get to Jannah, no matter what race or tribe they are.” – Islamic quotes about MarriageIslamic Quotes about Marriage

35. “When married couple pray together, they share an intimacy that cannot be created by any other means. That feeling is amazing” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Quotes about Marriage

36. “When a man marries he has fulfilled half of the religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.” – Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H QuotesIslamic Marriage

37. “Anything you spend on your family will be a source of reward from the God, even a morsel of Food which you raise to your wife’s mouth.” – Prophet Muhammad Quotes (Peace be upon Him)Islamic Marriage Muslim Couples

38. “A righteous wife can make a poor man feel like a king.” – Islamic Quotes on LoveIslamic Qoutes about marriage

39. These are the different words which Quran uses to define Love. – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

40. “Alhamdulilah that I found you my princess”
she asked him:”who guided you to find me?”
“Allah subhanahu wa Tala through my prayer… I always used to make this Duaa: (O Allah grant me the woman You accept to be the wife for a good servant)
“I was waiting for you” said the wife after a moment of silence
“how?” asked the husband smiling
“I always used to make this Duaa in my prayer:(O Allah grant me the man You accept as a good servant)

41. These photos is a beautiful dialogue between a Muslim couple. Subhan’Allah. Islamic Quotes on Love

42. “Hold my hand and tell come lets pray…”Islamic Quotes about Marriage

43. “Give me a Quran and let us red together…”Love Marriage in Islam

44. “.. and what’s important; say my name even if it’s at the end off your Duaa.”Islamic Marriage Quotes

45. “Nothing is more attractive than a man who is fully committed to his woman. No matter how many females are drawn to him, his eyes, his ears, and his hands remains on his woman.” – Islamic Quotes on Love

Islamic Quotes on Love

46. “The person I am going to marry has been written for me years ago so none of us should stress, if you are the person for me then no one can do anything about it, and if you are not then In Shaa Allah, Allah has someone better for you.” – Islamic QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

47. “Someone who wants the best for you is what’s best for you.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

48. These are the reasons for a Muslim to get married. Beautiful Islamic love quotes. Marriage in Islam Quotes

49. “The female doesn’t want a rich man, or a handsome man, or even a poet. She wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and says,’Here is your home country.” – Beautiful Islamic QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

50. “A sure sign of a man’s strength is how gently he loves his wife.” – Islamic Marriage QuotesBeautiful islamic Quotes

51. “A husband and his wife were standing in front of a mirror. The wife asked;”What do you see?”. The husband replied; “The rest of my life”. – Romance in IslamIslamic Love on Quotes

52. “We do not see for those who love one another anything like marriage.” Prophet Muhammad Quotes Peace be Upon HimMuslim Couples and Islamic QUotes

53. “They are your garments and you are their garments.” – Translation Al-Baqarah 2:187Quran about Love54. “It reminded me of your cooking as a new bride….” – Beautiful Islamic QuotesIslamic Marriage Quotes

55. “Look into her eyes and smile…” – Tips to Win Your Wife’s Heart

Islamic Quotes on Love

56. “A relationship is a matter of give and take. If you give more than you take then your relationship will last.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes Love57. “Her mindset will raise your children, not here body and good looks. Choose wisely.” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Marriage Quotes
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58. “A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic Quotes on Love

59.”So we can share the reward….” – Beautiful Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes about Marriage

60. “Always pray that Allah make your spouse a blessing and not a trial.” – Islamic Quotes

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

61. “I know a person who wanted to marry a woman but to test her, he came driving in a broken car to see her reaction. Years later she said to him, “you tried to test me, but had you been broke with no money or home, I would have married you because I was certain your character would have been my greatest transport to reaching God’s pleasure!”” — Shaykh Mohammed AslamIslamic Quotes on Love

62. “Falling in love isn’t Haram, it is what you do with that love that makes it halal or haram.” – Sheikh Khalid YasinIslamic Love Quotes

63. “When Allah wants two hears to meet, He will move both of them, not just one.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

64. “The closer you get to Allah, the closer you get to each other.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic Quotes on Love

65. “A perfect marriage is not between two perfect people, but between two imperfect people who learn when to overlook imperfection.” – Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Love

Islamic Love Quotes

66. “I want to be able to look at my wife….” – Islamic Quotes on Love

Islamic Love Quotes

67. “Something about seeing my wife make wudu and then pray makes me fall in love with her so much more. May Allah protect her and us!” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageBeautiful Islamic Quotes

68. “Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

69. Walking with one’s wife and talking with her is the beautiful sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him. – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

70. “Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is very special” – Islamic Love Quotes

Islamic Love Quotes

71. “A man dreams of a perfect woman and the woman dreams of a perfect man and they don’t know that Allah created them to perfect each other.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

72. “Redefine love and look at it a bit deeper….” – Beautiful Islamic QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

73. “Halal is the only definition of Love” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

74. “In marriage, you will win every batter if you fight it together and you will lose every battle if you fight it against each other. In good times and bad, remember that your spouse is always your partner and never your enemy.” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Quotes Love

75. “Sisters, place your heart in the hands of Allah and He will place it in the hands of a man He knows deserves it.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

76. “Sometimes the person that excites you most isn’t necessarily going to make the best husband or wife. It takes a lot to see past the glamour and glitter when you’re looking to get married and look for someone who’s going to be a loving companion that will stand by your side no matter what, and better you while also seeking to be bettered by you.”— Omar SuleimanIslamic Quotes on Love

77. “Happy old couples don’t stay together because they don’t fight. Happy old couples don’t stay together because their physical beauty last. Happy old couples don’t stay together because they’re both angels. Happy old couples stay together because despite what they know about each other and despite all the good, the bad, and the ugly that they have witnessed in each other, they still say, “I love you.”And they mean it.” – Aiman AzlanBeautiful Islamic Quotes

78. “If you place your heart in God’s hands, He will place your heart in the hands of a worthy person.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic Quotes on Love

79. “I’ll wake up before you. Run my fingers through your hair until you wake up. Kiss your forehead saying good morning beautiful, I love you.” – Islamic Love QuotesBeautiful Islamic Quotes

80. Islam is a beautiful religion and it provides a wise rational for everything. This image shows the wisdom of marriage in Islam.

Wisdom of Marriage in islam

81. “Your wife should be so beautiful in your eyes that it causes you to lower your gaze to everyone else”
— Sidi Shafi Sattar

82. “O Allah, I ask you for your love and the love of those who love you and the love of every action that brings me closer to your Love..” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

83. Only one promise,,,, “help me to get to Jannah” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

84. “Be with someone who reminds you of Allah” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Quotes on Love

85. “Nikah is a contract that transfers responsibilities. Therefore know the man you’re thinking of marrying, and be sure that he is able to take care of you, more than your dad did. Islam empowers women with honor and dignity. Don’t settle for anything less.” – Islamic Quotes on LoveLove and Nikah in Islam

More Islamic Love Quotes


86. ” You know you really love someone, when out of all the people you could be with in Jannah… You just want to be with them.” – Yasmin MogahedISlamic Quotes on Love

87. “If I am really part of your dream, you will come back one day.” – Paulo CoelhoIslamic Quotes on Love

88. “Two types of love will not cause you sadness. Love for Allah and for the sake of Allah.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Quotes about Marriage

89. “Once upon a time… ” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic Love Quotes

90. “The Haram path is easy and tempting, but remember, the price of Jannah is not cheap.” – Islamic Love Quotes

Islamic Quotes about Marriage

91. “Beautiful hands of a Muslimah only belongs to the beautiful heart of a Muslim.” – Islamic Quotes on Love

Islamic Love Quotes

92. “Allah knows where you belongs, He will make sure that his hands are around your waist through Nikah.” – Islamic quotes about Marriage Islamic quotes on love

93. “Do not love the one who doesn’t love Allah, if hey can leave Allah, they will leave you.” – Islamic Marriage QuotesLove in Islam

94. “Happiness is .. growing old ogether with the love of your life.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageHappiness and love in Islam

95. “If a woman dies in a state that her husband is pleased with her, she can enter Jannah through any door she wishes to enter” – Mafhoom e Hadith

islamic marriage quotes

96. “A woman’s heart should be so close to Allah that a man has to seek Him just to find her” – Islamic marriage quotesislamic marriage quotes

97. “Muslim couples who love each other for the sake of Allah are just precious for each other.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

98. “Know that sometimes heartbreak happens just to push you to Allah.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic Marriage Quotes

99. “You will never find true love until you first love Allah.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

100. “You can be the queen of her heart if you are the slave of Allah.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

101. “The clever and sensitive Muslim woman does not forget that one of the greatest deeds she can do in life, after worshiping Allah, is to be successful in endearing herself to her husband and filling his heart with joy.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

102. “When you indulge in Haram, the halal becomes disgusting to you.” – Islamic quotes about loveislamic quotes about love

103. “We are together in marriage to help each other in loving and serving Allah together, so we can be in Jannah together”- Islamic Marriage Quotesislamic quotes about love

104. “Women like attention and they like to be told clearly that they are loved. Don’t be stingy in expressing your love for your wife. If you become limited in expressing your love, you will create a barrier of harshness between her and you, and there will be decreases in affection.” – Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Islamic quotes about loveIslamic quotes about love

105. “Love is a spring well that does not dry up. Its purity and sweetness increases when it is for the sake of Allah and in the way of Allah.” – Islamic Marriage Quotes

Islamic quotes about love

106. “Making marriage easy for your children is an act of worship whilst making it difficult for them is a sin that promotes other sins.” – Islamic Quotes about MarriageIslamic quotes about love

107. Wives can really make an impact in the lives of their husband. Positive or negative? Choose for yourself. -Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

108. “Two souls but with a single thought. Two hearts that beats as one.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

109. “Find a companion who can guide you not only in dunya, but in akhirah also.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

110. “Give your heart to Allah and He will send the right person to take care of it for you, in sha Allah” – Islamic marriage quotes

Islamic marriage quotes

111. “A woman who wins his husband’s heart, rules his heart.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

112. “None but a noble man treats women in an honorable manner, and none but an ignorant man treats women disgracefully.” – Islamic marriage quotesIslamic marriage quotes

113. “If you have failed in love or don’t have that special ‘Someone’!. Don’t worry, its nothing but your future partner’s prayers keeping you single.” – Muslim love quotesmuslim love quotes114. “Marry someone who will lead you to Jannah.” – Muslim love quotesMuslim love quotes

115. “A Muslim women also expresses her love his husband by praying for his eeman.” – Muslim love quotes

Muslim love quotes

116. “The day we got married was the day I got the a really good partner to reach Jannah with.” Muslim love quotesMuslim love quotes

117. “Happiest couples in the world never have the same nature. They just have the best understanding of their differences.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

118. “The world and all things in it are precious, and the most precious thing in the world is a virtuous woman.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

119. “We share the first love; Allah….” – Islamic Marriage QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

120. “Men desires beauty in a woman but they admire modesty. Beauty fades but character stays. After a while the most beautiful woman look average, but a pious woman increases in beauty each day.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

121. “If you want your husband to love you a lifetime, love his heart not his money. If you want your wife to love you for a lifetime, love her soul not her body.” – Islamic Love QuotesIslamic Love Quotes

Beautiful Poem on Islamic Love & Marriage

So as this mega list of Islamic Love quotes is about to be finished, will keep updating it however, I want to share with you all a beautiful poem about the love in Islam.

Out of curiosity, he takes a peek.
Out of modesty, she looks away.
Two in love but cannot say.
She has been saving herself for the one and only.
And in her eyes he can see innocence and purity.

Out of this, his desire grows, the fire in him almost shows.
He keeps his distance, stays far away,
He wouldn’t want what is bad for the one
who took his breath away.

Late at night the door bell rings,
Her heart beats loud and her soul sings.
The talking below, she hears.
So clear in her mother’s eyes.
She can see a tear.

He has finally come to take her away.
In the play ground of love they will finally play.
He will protect her and treat her well like a real man should.
She would try to love him, please him,
And care for him as best as she could.

This is love and how it should be.
How Allah intended it to be.
Love is love and it shouldn’t change.
But everyday its meaning seems to fade away.

Love is sweet and should have an innocent start.
And later on, it will pour endlessly from your heart.
Guard your heart, love, body, and soul.
And In Shaa Allah release them only to the one,
Whose name is written in the sky,
Beside yours

Resources on Islamic Love & Marriage:

As we are ending this post for now, I want to share some resources to understand love in better way and to know more about Islamic Love and Marriage.

Ending Notes:

As far as I have understand the concept of romantic love in Islam is that it focuses on purity, modesty, bringing out best in your spouse and above all, loving your partner for the sake of Allah.


Other ways in how Islam promotes love is by putting a reward on the minutest of actions done by spouses for each other out of love. Islam emphasize on making marriages easier so young people can easily fulfill their desire of love and romance through Halal means, Islam takes marriage not only as an obligation to do tarbiya’h of children but also as an opportunity to live a happily life leading to happiness and success in both worlds.


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