197+ Islamic Quotes You Must Read Right Now – 2019 Collection

Biggest Collection of Islamic Quotes 2019 Edition is one of the longest post and the biggest collection of Islamic Quotes with Images on the whole Internet. Yes, you read it right!.

Last year, we at Great Islamic Quotes published a collection of Beautiful & Inspirational Islamic Quote with Images on Internet and it went viral. Attracting thousands of readers every month and hundreds of comments, we felt that we should now publish another amazing collection of Islamic Quotes for the year 2019 which is even bigger than 2016.

Islamic Quotes 2019 - Biggest Islamic Quotes Collection

Alhamdulillah, we did it. In this biggest collection of Islamic Quotes, you will find a huge range and diversity of Islamic Quotes from Allah Quotes, Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes, Hazrat Ali Quotes and much more.

You will also read a good collection of Urdu Quotes and Marriage Quotes, also Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam.

197+ Islamic Quotes with Images – 2019 Edition

1. To be ashamed (of sins) is repentance. Express it in front of your Lord. Allah. – Islamic Quotes

2. Islam beautifies anything, bring Islam in your home, in your life, in your relations, in your mind. – Islamic Quotes

3. Never doubt the millions of things a single dua can change or help to achieve. – Islamic Quotes

4. Impossible becomes possible if Allah Wills and possible becomes impossible if Allah Wills. – Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes
5. Nabi SAW said, “The best of deeds is the observance of prayer at its proper time and kindness to parents.” – Islamic Quotes

6. Alhamdulillah. – Islamic QuotesIslamic Quotes

7. Sisters, hijab is not a fashion statement, it is an act of worship first and foremost. Keep your modesty intact.- Islamic Quotes

8. The good jihad is the jihad of the one who strives against his own self (jihaad al-nafs) for the sake of Allah. – Islamic Quotes

9. None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself. – Islamic Quotes

Jummah Mubarak
10. Thank You Allah for this blessed Friday.! – Jumma MubarakIslamic Quotes

11. And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

12. Do not let your small drops of sin become a flooding river of regret. Ask Allah to forgive you regularly & return


13. “In Jannah (Heaven) are things an eye has never seen, an ear has never heard, and a mind can’t even imagine.”

14. After asking Allah to guide you to the straight path, don’t just stand there … start walking!

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]15. You are valuable, and Allah has a purpose for your life. Don’t jeopardize your purpose by connecting with the wrong[/box]

16. You are valuable, and Allah has a purpose for your life. Don’t jeopardize your purpose by connecting with the wrong

17. “Beauty open your eyes, intelligence open your mind, but good manners open your heart” AbdulBary Yahya

18. Do not belittle any good deed, even meeting your brother [Muslim] with a cheerful face.”

19. Stinginess has nothing to do with how much money you have. Neither does generosity. Its about how much heart you’ve

Love with Allah
20. When we fall in Love with Allah, the world turns into Jannah. Islamic Quotes

21. It is one’s best quality to cover the faults of others. It is also the sign of a Mu’min.

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Mufti Menk Quotes

22. People will hate you for what you’ve been blessed with. That’s to be expected. Don’t respond with hate. But ask Him to grant them more.

23. Pain reminds us of our limitation as humans & our complete need of the Almighty. Swallow your pain with patience & prayer. He’ll reward you.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]24. Remember in the end; it’s always between you and the Almighty. The truth is He’s the only One who truly cares. Choose to confide in Him. [/box]25. Jummah Mubarak.

Jummah Mubarak Islamic Quotes

26. Your wealth, family & all that you own are on loan to you. A day must come when the loan is returned. Prepare for that day. Don’t lose out.

27. There’s no need for everyone to know everything about you. Choose to stay low key. You’ll save yourself from a lot of unnecessary problems.

28. The Almighty has the answers to all our problems, but not everyone bothers to ask. Do it sincerely & with firm belief. He hears & responds.

29. The small mistakes you ignore can add up to a huge one. Be careful when saying, “it’s no big deal.” You may end up with disastrous effects

Muslim Quotes
30. When I saw you, I was like WOW. – Muslim Quotes
Islamic Quotes

31. Don’t stress over trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. It’s all about taking our imperfect life and making it better. Start today!.

32. Each time you feel dissatisfied with your life, remember that others are dreaming of living your life. So always give thanks & stay humble!

33. People are likely to forget all the good you’ve done but don’t despair. The Almighty not only sees but multiplies your sincere deeds!

34. Don’t be foolish & think your past decides your future. It does not. The Almighty does. Trust Him & always pray for the best outcome.

Muslim Quotes
35. Men & Women in Nikah is one of the best relationship one can enjoy. Jummah Mubarak Islamic Quotes

36. Sometimes when you’re insulted, you have no other option but to remain silent. Let the Almighty deal with it. Preserving the peace is best.



37. Your life may not be too good, but a friend seems to be having it all. Don’t let this make you jealous. Be mature enough to be happy for him.

38. Stop jumping to conclusions. Always assume the best. We’re all on the same journey called life, but our approaches are different. Be kind!

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]39. No matter how many trials & difficulties You test us with, don’t let us lose hope & turn away from You. Make this a means for our Paradise![/box]

40. Alhamdulillah for Everything. – Arabic Islamic QuotesJummah Mubarak Islamic Quotes

41. Everyone is a sinner, but not everyone asks for forgiveness. So do it constantly. Forgiveness is a powerful way to bring you back to Him.

42. Don’t let your trials overwhelm you. Many have gone through & survived what you’re facing. You’re not alone. He is with you all the way!

43. Happiness is not from status or wealth. It’s from your faith which lies in your heart. No one has the power over it except the Almighty.

44. If you feel you can’t get out of bed to face a new day because of the trials in life, ask the Almighty to lift you & grant you strength.

Allah Quotes
45. Allah is subtle with His servants; He gives provisions to whom He wills. And He is the Powerful, the Exalted in Might. – Allah Quotes
Islamic Quotes from Quran

46. If you claim to love the Almighty, show patience always. Don’t be among those when tested with hardship, they complain & become impatient.

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Yasir Qadhi Quotes

47. From the story of Yusuf, we learn that not every calumny needs to be responded to. Sometimes, silence is best.

48. “The taqwa (God consciousness) of Allah is the life of the heart; without it, all actions are as if dead.”

49. “With our own mistakes, we are expert defense lawyers; for the mistakes of others, we act as judges on the supreme court.”

50. We should be thankful to Allah for everything. EVERYTHING. – Arabic Islamic Quotes

Arabic Islamic Quotes

51. “Allah does not judge you on how bad you have been in the past but rather on how good you strive to be now.”

52. Desires are never fully satisfied: if you are not content with the halal, no amount of haram will fill you up.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]53, “People judge us according to our external state, but Allah judges according to our inner state.” [/box]

54. “True blessing is the connection that you have with Allah, & the level of consciousness that you constantly display.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quotes
55. I think one of the most beautiful things in life is when you sit down and make genuine du’a to Allah, and you can literally feel your heart finding ease. It’s like the mountains of worries in your heart suddenly crumble and your feel Allah personally taking your worries and saying “Whoever puts his trust in Allah; He will be enough for Him.” – Dua Quotes
Islamic Quotes in English

56. “Never feel superior to someone struggling with one test, because for sure, you are struggling with another.”

57. Be careful of laughing at the sins and mistakes of others, Allah might forgive their ignorance but not forgive your arrogance

Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

58. One of the most common acts of mercilessness between believers is the ease with which we rush to judgment against one another.

59. Anyone who is responsible for the murder of innocents has committed a crime against humanity regardless of his or her religion.

60. Let us send salutations to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH right now. 🙂 – Prophet Muhammad Quotes

Islamic Quotes in English

61. As a believer I should never forget that my need to give charity will always be far greater than the need of the one receiving my charity.

62. Quran emphasizes avoiding corrupt money making practices right after the ayaat of Ramadan. Let’s take that to heart as we celebrate Eid!

63. Ya Allah give strength to parents of the beautiful children senselessly killed in Peshawar and rid the world of the devils who did this.

64. Some come to the Quran to seek benefit and others to seek criticism. Allah increases each in what they came for.

Quran Quotes
65. Remember Me, I will remember you. – Quran Quotes

Islamic Quotes

66. When a desi aunty says she wants her boy to marry a light skinned girl, you are witnessing the ruins of centuries of colonial rule.



67. A great crime today is drawing dangerous conclusions from the Quran without exhaustive study and being overly confident in that ignorance.

68. The Quran has a clear stand against religious intolerance. Killing people for what they believe is what the enemies of prophets (AS) did.

69. Muslims and non-Muslims of good conscience can see the human rights atrocities committed by Israel in the last few decades, not just weeks.

70. I look back and half of Ramadan is over in the blink of an eye. Before I know I’ll be saying that about my entire life.

71. I look back and half of Ramadan is over in the blink of an eye. Before I know I’ll be saying that about my entire life.

72. Fixing your relationship with Allah necessitates fixing your relationships with those around you. Take initiative and take the first step.

73. Don’t give up on your Ramadan yet. If you’ve slacked off a bit it’s ok. There’s still lots of opportunities to make up for lost time.

74. Ramadan is a great time to get into a Quran memorization routine that can become a lifelong ritual.

Islamic Quotes
75. What excites me most about teaching is imagining the day when my students will far surpass anything I ever accomplished in life.

76. What excites me most about teaching is imagining the day when my students will far surpass anything I ever accomplished in life.

77. I pray I don’t become a person who values himself too highly only to learn his lesson when Allah shows him what he’s actually worth.

78. The shahadah we share as Muslims is powerful enough to allow us to love and respect each other even when we strongly disagree.

Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes

79. Some people have the disease of criticizing all the time. They forget the good about others and only mention their faults. They are like flies that avoid the good and pure places and land on the bad and wounds. This is because of the evil within the self and the spoiled nature – Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes

80. The keys to the life of the heart lie in reflectinig upon the Quran, Being humble before Allah in secret and leaving sins. – Ibn Qayyim Quotes

Islamic Quotes Quran

81. What can my enemies do to me? I have in my breast both my heaven and my garden. If i travel they are with me, never leaving me. Imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with my Lord. To be killed is martyrdom and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey. – Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes

82. If you correct your hidden deeds subsequently, Allaah will correct your outward deeds. – Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes

Ibn Arabi Quotes

83. The ignorant one does not see his ignorance as he basks in its darkness; nor does the knowledgeable one see his own knowledge, for he basks in its light – Ibn Arabi Quotes

84. Your personal nature seeks its paradise.  – Ibn Arabi Poetry

Ibn Arabi Quotes
85. O God, I ask of you light and guidance.


86. The one who does not possess either a silent tongue or a silent heart is under the domination of Satan and an object of his ridicule. – Ibn Arabi Poetry

Islamic Quotes about Mothers

87. Islam has raised the status of women from below the earth to so high that Paradise lies at her feet. – Islamic Quotes about Mothers

88. How sinful are those youth who speak gently with their friends… While they shout out at their mothers.

89. Your mother is the only one who would forget to make Dua for herself because she would be too busy making Duaa for you.

90. If you really really really want something. Here is the life hack. Tahajjud. Islamic Quotes

91. When she is born, she opens the gates to Paradise. When she is married, she has completed her religion. When she is a mother, Paradise lie under her feet.

92. Love your parents. You owe them a lot. You never prayed to have them but they may have prayed to have you.

Islamic Prayer Quotes

93. O you who believe! Seek Assistance through Patience and Prayer, surely ALlah is with the Patient. – Prayer in Islam

94. On the day of judgment, the first thing for which a person will be judged will be his prayer. If he performed it properly, he will be successful; but if he did not do so, he will be destroyed. – Muslim Prayer

Dua Quotes
95. Our Lord, Pour upon us patience and let us die as Muslims. – Quran Quotes

Islamic Quotes

96. Praying five times a day does not make you pious, it makes you a Muslim. If you don’t pray then ask yourself, what are you? – Prayer in Islam

97. What if Allah called you five times everyday, would you ignore His call? – Prayer in Islam

98. Say. “My prayers, my offering, my life and my death are for Allah, the lord of all the worlds. – Prayers in Islam

Islamic Quotes about Women

99. Be respectful to women, for they are the mothers of Mankind. – Imam Ali (A.S)

Islamic Quotes
100. O Allah, I ask for your love, and the love of those persons who love you and love of actions that bring me closer to your Love.
Islamic Quotes

101. Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Take my advice with regard to women. Act kindly towards women, for they were created from a rib, and the most crooked part of a rib is its uppermost. If you attempt to straighten it; you will break it and if you leave it alone it will remain crooked; so act kindly towards women. – Women in Islam

102. May Allah give us all the guidance to understand the status of our mothers and give us the ability to serve them while they are alive. – Muslim Women

103. Modesty is the crown of a Muslimah. – Muslim Women

104. I am not here to be on display. My body is not for public consumption. I will not be reduced to an object. I am a soul, a mind, a servant of Allah. My worth is defined by the beauty of my soul, my heart, my moral character. With my veil, I put my faith on display, rather than my beauty. – Muslim Women

Islamic Quotes
105. A man has done nothing for you until he makes you his wife.Islamic Quotes

Islamic Love Quotes

106. Forgiveness is the key to moving on, once you learn to forgive people. That is when you learn to move on and once you learn to move on. That is when you will learn to succeed in this game called Dunya. – Islamic Love Quotes

107. She focused on her lord, and he did the same. So God gave them each other. “For Good men are good Women”.  – Islamic Love Quotes

108. Reading and learning the Quran together as a couple can be one of the best habit which you can adopt as a Muslim couple. Try it out sometime and you will see the results.

109. Hold your wife close to you. Giver her a ride on your back. Have romantic rituals specially tailored for yourselves so that you can enjoy the amazing love and blessing of a marriage.

110. Ya Allah. If I am to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to You. Islamic Quotes

111. Beware of Jealousy. For verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys the wood. – Islamic Love Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes & Sayings

112. A conceited and self-admiring person is disliked by others; charity and alms are the best remedies for ailments and calamities; one has to account in the next world for the deeds that he has done in this world. – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

113. The man is a wonderful creature; he sees through the layers of fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue). – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

114. When this world favors somebody, it lends him the attributes, and surpassing merits of others and when it turns its face away from him it snatches away even his own excellences and fame. – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

Islamic Quotes
115. Nothing Allah has written for you goes to someone else. – Beautiful Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes

116. Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds). – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

117. Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds, therefore, do not waste the opportunity of doing good. – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

Hazrat Umar R.A Quotes

118. Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds, therefore, do not waste the opportunity of doing good. – Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

119. To speak less is wisdom, to eat less is healthy, to sleep less is a prayer and there is peace in solitude. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

120. And Remember your Lord when you Forget.

Muslim Quotes

121. Nothing is worse than avarice that destroys the mind, not even Alcohol. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

122. It is unbecoming of that person who sits with his hands folded and prays to ALLAH Ta’ala for sustenance. ALLAH does not rain down gold and silver from the heavens. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

123. The biggest gift after Iman (Faith) are your wives. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

124. Attain knowledge before old age settles in. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

Islamic Quotes
125. Prophet PBUH said: If one of you loves his brother then he should let him know that he loves him. – Prophet Muhammad PBUH Quotes
Prophet Muhammad Quotes

126. Three things build love: To make Salam (greeting). To make space for a person in a gathering, To address a person in a respectable and good manner – Hazrat Umar Quotes

127. Good deeds are the fulfillment of one’s rights and to do good deeds is a substitute for bad deeds. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

128. When you combine lawful with unlawful gains then the unlawful contaminates the lawful gains though it may be little. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

129. Honor and dignity in this World are measured by wealth while honor and dignity in the Hereafter are measured by good deeds. – Hazrat Umar Quotes

Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

130. The woman who has understood the beauty of thought will not show her body’s beauty. – Islamic Quotes about Women.

Women Quotes in Islam

131. Usman said that four things were useless and these were: Knowledge without practice; Wealth without expenditure in the way of Allah; Piety for the sake of the show prompted by worldliness; long life with no stock of good deeds. – Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

132. Usman said that he loved three things, namely: To feed the hungry; to clothe the naked; to read and teach the Holy Quran. – Hazrat Usman R.A

133. Acquire wisdom from the story of the dead – Hazrat Usman Ghani R.A

134. O people, if I gave you all the world, even that would not suffice as the price for your faith. – Hazrat Usman R.A

135. The Prophet PBUH said: “If a woman prays her 1. Five daily prayers, 2. Fasts her Month of Ramadan, 3. Guards her Chastity and 5. Obeys her Husband. It will be said to her ‘Enter paradise by whichever gates of Paradise you wish.” – Islamic Quotes about Women

Islamic Quotes about Women

136. The highest degree of faith is that you [will] always regard yourself in the presence of God. – Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

137. One should not feel happy at the acquisition of wealth nor should be feeling aggrieved at its loss – Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

138. He who is fond of delicious food, let him bear in mind that ultimately he is to be food for worms – Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

139. The dictates of justice demand that a proper equation should be maintained between the rights and obligations of the people. Whatever is their right should be conceded to them, and steps should be taken to ensure that whatever is their obligation is duly fulfilled. – Hazrat Usman R.A Quotes

Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A Quotes


Islamic Quotes
140. Keep your mouths closed from complaints and vulgarity. By keeping your mouths closed one obtains solitude.


141. Strange are the passing of time yet stranger is the fact when one does not notice this. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

142. There is no trouble in patience and there is no benefit in complaining. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

143. Do not be lavish or miserly. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

144. Fear of Allah is likened to knowledge while being oblivious of your Creator is likened to ignorance..

Islamic Quotes about Women

146. Wealth cannot be gained by simply wishing for it, nor is youth gained by dyeing or coloring one’s hair, neither can one gain health without medication. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

147. To seek forgiveness in old age is good but to seek it when young is better. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

148. Laziness in worship by the general public is bad, but a knowledgeable person or a seeker of knowledge showing laziness is worse. – Hazrat Abu Bakr Quotes

149. You are busy pursuing the comforts and luxuries to make your life comfortable in this World while the World is in earnest preparation to expel you from her.

Islamic Quotes
150. Stop wishing, Start praying. – Islamic Quotes about Prayer & Dua

Prayer Quotes in Islam

151. When speaking then talk precisely. That speech is only beneficial which could be listened to with ease. Long speeches tend to bore people who then lose an element of the subject matter.

152. It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards of patience is worse

Tariq Ramadan Quotes

153. Saying that Islam is in heart, is similar to giving back the exam’s paper completely white and saying: knowledge is in the brain. –  Tariq Ramadan Quotes

154. The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them. –  Tariq Ramadan Quotes

Islamic Quotes
155. Islam encourages Muslims to help the humanity. – Islamic Quotes about Humanity.

Muslim Quotes - Islamic Quotes

156. Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, but Arab culture is not the culture of Islam. –  Tariq Ramadan Quotes

157. Never forget your dialogue with God, it is your strength. –  Tariq Ramadan Quotes

158. The more you look into and understand yourself, the less judgmental you become towards others. –  Tariq Ramadan Quotes

Shaykh Omer Suleiman Quotes

159. If you don’t love your brother enough to respectfully voice your concerns about him directly to him, then, at least, have enough respect to not tear him up behind his back. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Islamic Quotes
160. Make dua for everyone who crosses your mind. Honor the guests of your heart. – Islamic Quotes about Dua.

Dua Quotes

161. If you chose a spouse for the right reasons, prayed istikhara, asked Allah for the good of that person, and still ended up with a bad spouse…know that there is a “good” lesson that you were being taught and pay close attention to the Teacher – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

162. “When a sibling suddenly displays odd behavior, you inquire out of love and concern if anything is wrong. We should treat our brothers/sisters in faith the same way.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

163. “Our Religion is beautiful. And when one tries to make it ugly, they only uglify themselves.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

164. Think of someone who has benefitted you in your Deen and make dua for them right now WITHOUT telling them. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

Islamic Quotes
165. Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have. Say Alhamdulillah every moment of life. – Islamic Quotes about Happiness.

Allah Quotes

166. The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.

Islamic Quotes on Tawhid

167. And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], “Worship Allah and avoid Taghut.” And among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was [deservedly] decreed. So proceed through the earth and observe how was the end of the deniers. [An-Nahl 16:36] – Sahih international

168. “And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him…” [Al-Isra’ 17:23]

169. “You are going to a nation from the people of the Scripture, so let the first thing to which you will invite them, be the Tauhid of Allah. If they learn that, tell them that Allah has enjoined on them, five prayers to be offered in one day and one night. And if they pray, tell them that Allah has enjoined on them Zakat of their properties and it is to be taken from the rich among them and given to the poor. And if they agree to that, then take from them Zakat but avoid the best property of the people.”  (Sahih Bukhari)

Urdu Islamic Quotes
170. Insaan sb kuch bhool skta ha siwaye un lamho’n k, jb usay apno ki zarurat thi aur wo dastyab na the. – Urdu Islamic Quotes
Urdu Quotes - Islamic Quotes

171. Narrated Mu’adh bin Jabal: The Prophet said, “O Mu’adh! Do you know what Allah’s Right upon His slaves is?” I said, “Allah and His Apostle know best.” The Prophet said, “To worship Him (Allah) Alone and to join none in worship with Him (Allah). Do you know what their right upon Him is?” I replied, “Allah and His Apostle know best.” The Prophet said, “Not to punish them (if they do so).”  (Sahih Bukhari)

172. The voice cannot stop declaring the truth as long as the finger it testifies to Tawheed. – Tawhid

173. Tawheed was meant to flow way beyond the races of the books and the front steps of the Masjid – Tawhid

174. Accept Allah as Master and accept yourself as the slave. Accept that this guidance is only beneficial to people who accept themselves as slaves. – Nouman Ali Khan on Tawhid

Urdu Islamic Quotes
175. Zabaan ko qaabu main rakho, ye aisa teer ha jis ka nishana aksar ghalat hi hota ha.

Urdu Islamic Quotes 

176. The perfection of Tawheed is found when there remains nothing in the heart except Allah, the servant is left loving those He loves and What He loves, hating those He hates and what He hates, showing allegiance to those He has allegiance to, showing enmity towards those He shows enmity towards, ordering what He orders and prohibiting what He prohibits. – Ibn Taymiyyah on Tawhid

Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

177. If there is one recipe for unhappiness it is that: expectations. – Yasmin Mogahed

178. Some hearts understand each other, even in silence. – Yasmin Mogahed

179. Real love brings about calm—not inner torment. True love allows you to be at peace with yourself and with God. That is why Allah says: “that you may dwell in tranquility.” Hawa is the opposite. Hawa will make you miserable. And just like a drug, you will crave it always, but never be satisfied. You will chase it to your own detriment, but never reach it. – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

Urdu Islamic Quotes
180. Dunya ki hr cheez se pyaari mujh ko meri Maa. Koi mere dukh ko smjhay ya na smjhay, mere hr dukh ko samajhti ha meri Maa.Urdu Islamic Quotes

181. So often we experience things in life, and yet never see the connections between them. When we are given hardship, or feel pain, we often fail to consider that the experience may be the direct cause or result of another action or experience. Sometimes we fail to recognize the direct connection between the pain in our lives and our relationship with Allah SWT – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

182. Speak Your heart. If they don’t understand, the message was never meant for them anyway.


Urdu Quotes

183. Insaan apnay qadd se nahin apnay Zarf se barra hota ha. – Urdu Quotes

184. Kabhi na girna kamaal nahi ha, bl k gir kr sambhal jana kamaal ha. – Urdu Quotes

185. Do Wakt ki rotti k liye Insaan paanch waqt ki namaaz chorr deta ha jb k ye jaanta hai k rizq ka zimaydaar Allah ne apnay uppar lia hua ha.  Urdu Islamic Quotes

186. Mahnat itni khamoshi se karo k tumhari kamayabi shor mach de. – Urdu Quotes about Life

187. Kuch log jb rotay hain to is liye nahin k wo kamzor hote hain bl k is lye k mazboot rehte rehte thk jate hain. – Urdu Quotes with Images

188. Tahajjud k waqt aank’h khulay to samajh lo k asmaan se Phone aaya ha. – Urdu Quotes

189. Tumhare waldain tumhain bachpan main shahzado’n ki tarah paalte hain lihaza tmhara ye farz bnta ha k Un ke burrhaapay main un ko badshaaho’n ki tarah rakho. – Urdu Quotes

190. Islamic Arabic QuotesArabic Islamic Quotes

191. Jis shaks main jitna ahsaas e zimedaari ha wo utna hi qeemti ha.

192. Jis shaks main jitna ahsaas e zimedaari ha wo utna hi qeemti ha.

193. Neend ko ibaadata bnanay ka behtareen tareeka ye ha k aap bawuzu soya karen.

194. Zindagi main saadgi apnao jitni saada tumhari zindagi hogi utni pareshaaniya’n km hongi.

Urdu Islamic Quotes
195. Achay larkay apni hudood ka khayal rkhte hain. Wo na-jayiz dostiyan nahin krte.

Urdu Quotes in English Words

196. Aankh dunya ki hr aik cheez dekhti ha magar jb aankh k andar kch chala jaaye to usay nahin dekh patin, bilkul isi tarah insaan dusron k aib tw dekhta h pr apnay aib usay nazar nahin aate.

197. Kisi ka dil torr kr maafi maangna bohat asaan ha lekin apna dil toottnay pr kisi ko maaf krdena bohat mushkil ha.

198. Kisi ka dil torr kr maafi maangna bohat asaan ha lekin apna dil toottnay pr kisi ko maaf krdena bohat mushkil ha.

199. Insaan sb kuch bhool skta ha siwaye un lamho’n ke, jb usay apno ki zarurat thi aur wo dastyaab nahi the.

Urdu Islamic Quotes

200. Sins makes the face ugly.Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes

201.  Jaha’n khaloos aur ahsas k rishtay mojood ho’n, wahan phool mausamo’n k mohtaaj nahi hote.

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