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73+ Muslim Wedding Dresses with Photos & Videos – 2019 Collection

Islamic Wedding Dresses

Before going directly to the collection of Islamic & Muslim Wedding dress photos, we need to have an understanding of the terms ‘Islamic’ and ‘Muslim.’

For being brief, ‘Islamic’ is what is taught and enjoined upon Muslims from Islam. While ‘Muslim’ is what a person who believes in Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH actually do in his/her life. Ideally, there should not be much difference between the two, but in reality, there are differences between them.

I am not here tell whether it is right or not!.

Islamic Wedding Dress
The point I want to make is that in Islam there is no concept of a formal ‘wedding dress’ without which the wedding is incomplete. Bride or Groom can wear any modest dress in his or her wedding and still reap all the rewards of Nikah. A bride or a groom can even wear old clothes, in their wedding. 

Muslim Wedding Dresses

So all other styles, designs, and jewelry used and worn by Muslims are not necessarily Islamic!. Even the Arab dresses are not necessarily Islamic!. 

The problem is during weddings, the principle of modesty and simplicity in dressing in Islam is usually neglected. Therefore, I have tried not to include Muslim Wedding dresses which overlook the basic principle of modesty & simplicity. 

Whether I am successful in doing so or not, Allah Knows. I request you all to pinpoint any image or dress included in this collection of Muslim Wedding Dresses which in your view is not appropriate to be included. I will see and remove it, God Willing.

71+ Amazing Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab & Sleeves


Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

2. Muslim Wedding Dress with Sleeves

3. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

4. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

5. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

6. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

7. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

8. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

9. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

10. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

11. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

12. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

13. Muslim Wedding Dresses

14. Islamic Wedding Dresses

15. Islamic Wedding Dresses

16. Islamic Wedding Dresses

17. Islamic Wedding Dresses

18. Islamic Wedding Dresses

19. Islamic Wedding Dresses

20. Islamic Wedding Dresses

Indian Muslim Wedding Dress Photos

As discussed at the start of this Muslim Wedding Dress collection, there is no formal sort of wedding dress in Islam. Islam encourages modesty and simplicity and discourages extravagant spending on clothes even in Muslim wedding dresses.

Cultural Wedding Dress
However, despite all this, there are many Muslims who wear their wedding dresses according to the culture and tradition of their hometown. 

You can find below some examples of Indian Muslim Wedding Dress which can also be applied to modern-day Pakistani Wedding dress and Bangladeshi Wedding dress.

21. Islamic Wedding Dresses

22. Islamic Wedding Dresses

23. muslim wedding dresses-24. Islamic Wedding Dresses

25. Islamic Wedding Dresses

26. muslim wedding dresses


Islamic Wedding Dresses

Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

28. Islamic Wedding Dresses

Islamic Wedding Dresses


muslim wedding dresses

31. muslim wedding dresses

32. muslim wedding dresses

33. muslim wedding dresses

34. muslim wedding dresses

muslim wedding dresses

36. muslim wedding dresses

37. muslim wedding dresses

38. muslim wedding dresses

39. muslim wedding dresses

Modern Muslim Wedding Dresses

With Modern wedding dresses, we don’t mean the ‘Western’ wedding dress. There is a great quote from a scholar that you don’t have to be western to be modern. So, you can include some modern fabrics, style sense and unique designs in your wedding dress to stand out from the guests and still be in the boundary of simplicity, beauty, and dignity.

Modern & Western
“You Don’t Have to be Western to be Modern”


muslim wedding dresses

41. muslim wedding dresses

42. muslim wedding dresses

43. muslim wedding dresses

muslim wedding dresses

45. Muslim Wedding Dresses

46. Muslim Wedding Dresses

47. Muslim Wedding Dresses

48. Muslim Wedding Dresses

49. Muslim Wedding Dresses

Elegant Muslim Wedding Dress

Elegance in dress requires a certain kind of dressing sense which is not common. But with the help of Internet you can explore different designs and color combinations of wedding dresses online and then make up your own mind according to your budget and needs.

Below, we have shared some of the Elegant Muslim Wedding Dresses. You can see them and take inspiration from them to finalize your own personal wedding dress. All the best. 🙂

50. Muslim Wedding Dresses

51. Muslim Wedding Dresses

52. Muslim Wedding Dresses

53. Muslim Wedding Dresses

54. Muslim Wedding Dresses

55. Muslim Wedding Dress with Sleeves

56. Muslim Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Muslim Wedding Dress with Sleeves

58. Muslim Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

Simple Muslim Wedding Dresses

60. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

61. Muslim Wedding Dress with Hijab

62. Muslim Wedding Dresses

63. Muslim Wedding Dresses

64.Muslim Wedding Dresses

65. Muslim Wedding Dresses

66. Muslim Wedding Dresses

67.Muslim Wedding Dresses

68. Muslim Wedding Dresses

69. Muslim Wedding Dresses

70. Muslim Wedding Dresses

71. Islamic Wedding Dresses

72. Muslim Wedding Dresses

73. Muslim Wedding Dresses

Simple Bridal Look With Hijab Snow White – Video

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