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Sheikh Khalid Yasin Islamic QuotesBefore reading the Islamic Quotes by Sheikh Khalid Yasin, let us have a brief introduction of his personality.

About Sheikh Khalid Yasin:

Sheikh Khalid Yasin or Abu Muhammad Khalid Yasin was born in 1946 in America. He later reverted back to Islam and became a da’eeh of Islam. He lives in England and speak and lectures in various parts of the world. He humorously calls himself a Bedouin for media as they are willing to be anywhere as long as they can have basic necessities like water and roof above the head.

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An interesting fact about his life is that before reverting to Islam, he was a gang member and later he got heavily influenced by another Muslim revert and activist, Malcolm X.

13+ Islamic Quotes of Sheikh Khalid Yasin

  1. All Muslims are not Arabs and all Arabs are not Muslims…all Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews” – Khalid Yasin
  2. “The world is always waiting for solutions, and Islam has always provided those solutions” – Khalid Yasin 10
  3. “Kill this racism inside of you before this racism kills you” – Islamic Quotes
    Khalid Yasin Quotes
  4. “When you sincerely blame yourself you will change yourself” – Islamic Quotes
    Islamic Quotes on Change
  5. “If we cannot beat our sheets in our beds for the Fajr prayer, you will never beat any enemies” – Khalid Yasin Quotes
    Islamic Quotes of Khalid Yasin
  1. “We must learn to tolerate and respect each other even if we strongly disagree” – Islamic Quotes
    Islamic Quotes about Respect
  2. “They call you to the trash but you cannot call them to the treasure?” – Khalid Yasin Quotes
    Islamic Quotes about Dawah
  3. “You have been invited to Dunya but you cannot invite people to Deen?” – Islamic Quotes
  4. “Muslims have to reform themselves before they can reform the society” – Islamic Quotes
    Islamic Quotes about Muslims
  5. “Don’t become so global that you don’t remove the trash from in front of your own house” – Khalid Yasin
    Islamic Quotes about Change
  6. “The more you press the grapes the more juice will come…the more you hate Islam the more Islam will rise”
  7. “If you don’t do good, how you think you are going to expect good?” – Sheikh Khalid Yasin
    Islamic Quotes about Doing Good
  8. “One squeeze in the grave will make you regret every morning in your life that you did not wake up for Fajr. Please be strong enough to give minutes of your sleep time to your Lord who gave you all the uncountable blessings you have. Fajr is for soldiers.” – Khalid Yasin Quotes
  9. “Decisions become easier when your will to please Allah outweighs your will to please the world.” – Khalid Yasin
    Islamic Quotes about Allah

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