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23+ Amazing Omer Suleiman Quotes – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

Sheikh Omar Suleiman Sheikh Omar Suleiman is the young scholar of Islam and an active contributor of content to online space for a Muslim audience. These list of 23+ Amazing Islamic Quotes of Sheikh Omer Suleiman is just a sneak peak for the reader of this site to know what this man really is about.

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23+ Amazing Sheikh Omar Suleiman Quotes

1. If you chose a spouse for the right reasons, prayed istikhara, asked Allah for the good of that person, and still ended up with a bad spouse…know that there is a “good” lesson that you were being taught and pay close attention to the Teacher – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

2. If you don’t love your brother enough to respectfully voice your concerns about him directly to him, then, at least, have enough respect to not tear him up behind his back. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman 

3. “When a sibling suddenly displays odd behavior, you inquire out of love and concern if anything is wrong. We should treat our brothers/sisters in faith the same way.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

4. “Our Religion is beautiful. And when one tries to make it ugly, they only uglify themselves.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

5. Think of someone who has benefitted you in your Deen and make dua for them right now WITHOUT telling them. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

6. “Being racist against ANYONE is a form of kibr (pride). An atoms worth of it in the heart would prevent one from entering Jannah.” – Shaykh Omar Suleiman 

Sheikh Omar Suleiman

7. “Racism against racists is racist. Don’t stereotype a whole race because someone from that race did that to your race.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

8. “No one should become a voice in our community by virtue of just being loud.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

9. “In order to bring out the best in people, you need to give them your best.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

10. “Giving naseeha (advice) publicly when you know the person and can do so privately shows how little you think of that person.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

11. The Dunya isn’t worth getting stressed out over. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

12. Allah has guaranteed His love for those who love each other for His sake and no two people should love each other more for His sake than a believing husband and wife. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

13. The sign of a beautiful person is that he always sees beauty in others. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

Sheikh Omar Suleiman

14. Wake up knowing that Allah is greater than any obstacle you may face today. Shaykh Omar Suleiman

15. When Allah sends you a warning, it shows He hasn’t forgotten about you so don’t forget about Him. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

More Sheikh Omar Suleiman Quotes

16. Attaching yourself obsessively to a single group/school/scholar shackles your mind, causes your heart to develop a hatred for other Muslims, forbids you from benefiting from the various scholars of this Ummah, and does away with your impartiality in discussing issues. Stick to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

17. When you treat people well, those same people might not treat you the same way. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice that Allah has sent other people who treat you even better. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

18. Islam is about forsaking a present desire for the sake of a future promise. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman 

19. If you don’t fulfill their obligations to their creator what assures you they will fulfill their obligations to you?. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman 

18. Let’s practice what we learn, and then preach what we practice. Don’t jump from learning straight to preaching. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman 

Sheikh Omar Suleiman
Sheikh Omer Suleiman

19. Don’t make an excuse for your laziness by calling it tawakkul. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman 

20. Allah knows when you are trying and the only thing that counts on the day of judgement is sincerely being able to say to Him: “I tried my best.” – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

21. Sometimes regretting the wrong we’ve done in our lives is what leads us to the right path. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

22. If Allah put you in a difficult situation in this world, it’s a chance to earn ease in the hereafter through patience. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

23. Realise that Allah’s mercy is boundless and encompasses even the worst of sinners. The solution for them and we is to continue to turn back to Him despite our shortcomings. – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

24. If Allah blessed you to move on from something bad, don’t lose hope in those who are still in it. As you see someone struggling in their path to God, remember that you were once struggling in perhaps the same way, and continue to struggle in other ways. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Sheikh Omer Suleiman Series:

Sheikh Omer Suleiman is doing a lot of work for the Ummah. One of such amazing projects is the Beginning and the End series, in which he talks about the creation of everything and then takes it to our times and then to the end of the times.

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This project is based on the work of Ibn-e-Katheer and is in the video form. Here I am sharing with you the YouTube playlist of The Beginning and the End with Shaykh Omar Suleiman.

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