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101+ Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam with Pictures – 2016

Status of Women in Islam

Islam holds women in an esteemed position and this list of Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam is an effort Women in Islam, Muslim Womanto make it clear that Islam gives all genders their due rights and roles according to the divine wisdom. However, there are many “Muslim” countries who mistreat women because of the culture of ignorance. The act of Muslims who have not really learned the deen and act unconsciously on the basis cultural upbringing does not represent Islam, Muslim Women and Status of Women in Islam in any way.

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Muslim Women and Confused status of Women in Islam


One of the popular tools through which modernists and so called intellectuals are trying to defame Islam is by misquoting the status of women in Islam. Therefore, I put a lot of time and effort into curating these Islamic Quotes on the status of women in Islam. The fact is that millions of Muslim women enjoy their rights and are treated well by Muslims in the society. Only a small percentage of Muslim women suffers but not due to the religion of Islam, but due to the cultural rituals and mindset prevailed in the country.

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In the recent development in Pakistan, a women protection bill has been passed by the elected assembly of one of its province, Punjab. This bill also raised a lot of controversies in the name of Islam also. So this list of Islamic Quotes on Women, Marriage, Hijab and the status of feminine gender in Islam is an effort to make it clear how esteemed is the role of women and her status is in Islam.

While the western culture and countries claim to treat their women better, their history shows that they have just learned the lesson and that too partially. However, Islam liberated women about 1400+ years ago through its beautiful teaching of mutual love, respect, responsibilities, and rights.

101+ Islamic Quotes about Women in Islam

1. The women are not a garment you wear and undress however you like. They are honored and have their rights. – Islam & WomenMuslim Women

2. Be respectful to women, for they are the mothers of Mankind. – Imam Ali (A.S)Muslim Women

3.  Dear men: You might think she wants your care, your money and your gifts. But the rights
Muslim Women

4. Yes it’s hot, it’s hard, it’s different but I LOVE wearing it. – Muslim Women

status of women in islam


5. A Women dressed is as a pearl in its shell. – Muslim Womenstatus of women in islam

6. “When she is born, she opens the gates to paradise. When she’s marriage, she has completed half of her religion. When she’s a mother, paradise lies under his feet.” – Women in Islamstatus of women in islam

7. Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Take my advice with regard to women. Act kindly towards women, for they were created from a rib, and the most crooked part of a rib is its uppermost. If you attempt to straighten it; you will break it and if you leave it alone it will remain crooked; so act kindly towards women. – Women in Islamstatus of women in islam

8. The woman was made from the rib of man, she was not created from his head to top him. Nor from his feet to be stepped upon, she was made from his side to be close to him. From beneath his arm to be protected by him, near his heart to be loved. – Women in Islamstatus of women in islam

9. You are a Muslimah!. Alhamdulillah. – Muslim Womenstatus of women in islam


10. Islam has raised the status of woman from below the earth to so high that paradise lies at her feet. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

11. What society wants you to do vs What Islam wants you to do and BE. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

12. May Allah give us all the guidance to understand the status of our mothers and give us the ability to serve them while they are alive. – Muslim Women

Muslim Women

13. “Oops, I forgot to be oppressed, too busy being awesome.” – Muslim Women

Muslim Women


14. Women in Islam. A beautiful collection of Islamic Quotes on Women in Islam and Muslim WomenMuslim Women

15. Women are considered to be the queen of a home in Islam. – Muslim Women
Muslim Women

16. Modesty is the crown of a Muslimah. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

17. I am not here to be on display. My body is not for public consumption. I will not be reduced to an object. I am a soul, a mind, a servant of Allah. My worth is defined by the beauty of my soul, my heart, my moral character. With my veil, I put my faith on display, rather than my beauty. – Muslim Women

Muslim Women

18. Modesty is the best jewel of a woman. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

19. My hijab veil is my freedom. If anyone would ask me to take it off, that would be oppressing me.

Muslim Women

20. Five attributes to learn from the great Muslim women: 1. Patience from Hazrat Asiya, 2. Loyalty Hazrat Khadija, 3. Purity from Hazrat Maryam, 4. Sincerity from Hazrat Aisha, 5. Determination from Hazrat Fatimah. (R.A) – Islamic Women

Islamic Women

21. Muslim women are the diamonds of Islam. Nobody will reveal their diamonds to strangers. – Islamic WomenIslamic Women

22. Status of a Muslim Woman in Islam in all her roles. -Islamic Women
Islamic Women

23. I wear my hijab because I want people to judge me for WHO I AM, rather than what I look like…. -Islamic WomenIslamic Women

24. The beauty of a woman comes from the noor of Allah, not the noor of L’Oreal – Islamic WomenIslamic Women

25. “I urge you to treat women well.” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Islamic Women

26. Woman and men play an equally vital role in the society. – Islamic WomenIslamic Women

27. “If a woman offers her five daily prayers and fasters her month of Ramadan and guards her chastity and obeys her husband it will be said to her Enter paradise from whichever of the gates of Paradise you wish.” – Prophet Muhammad PBUHIslamic Women

28. Women in Islam v.s the Women in West – Islamic WomenIslamic Women

29. “This is most convenient that they could be known as such (i.e. decent and chaste) and not molested. – Al Quran Translation Islamic Women

30. O Muslim Women! The Prophet Muhammad PBUH Said, “O Muslim Women! None of you should look down upon the gift sent by her she-neighbour even if it were the trotters of the sheep.” – Al-BukhariIslamic Quotes About WOmen

31. You cannot liberate the free. – Women in Islammuslim women rights

32. The woman who has understood the beauty of thought will not show her body’s beauty. – Muslim Womanmuslim woman

33. Be an active Muslimah – Muslim WomanMuslim Woman

34. “Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her, she will enter Jannah.” – Muslim WomanMuslim Woman

35. Islam: The perfect religion and best way of life for all. – Muslim Woman

Muslim Woman

36. Islam empowers a woman with honor & dignity. Do not settle for anything less. -Muslim WomanMuslim Woman

37.”A woman’s best jewellery is her shyness” – Muslim WomanMuslim Woman

38. “Every day is mothers day in Islam” – Muslim WomanMuslim Woman

39. “Paradise lies under the feet of your mother” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Muslim Woman

40. “You only see what I allow you to see, now that is freedom.” – Women in Islamwomen in islam

42. “When going through a hardship remind yourself that when you first step in Jannah, you’ll forget this all.” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

43. “A good man treats women with honour” -Women in IslamWomen in Islam

44. “Your wives are your partners, not your servants.” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


45. The greatest thing a friend can do for you is to bring you closer to Allah. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

46. “In a world full of Kim Kardashian, be a Khadijah R.A” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

47. “I wear an Abaya not to highlight my curves, but to hide my figure.” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

48. Beauty in this Dunya will sure fade but know that the beauty of a Muslimah last till Akhirah. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

49. “When a Muslim girl is born: she becomes a reason for her father to enter Paradise. -Women in IslamWomen in Islam


50. The Prophet PBUH was asked, “Which woman is the best?”. He replied, “When you look at her, you feel happiness.” – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

51. “Those friends that remind you of Allah.” – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

52. Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

53. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never hit a woman. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

54. If the eyes of a female cry over a man that oppressed her, angels will curse him with every step he walks. -Muslim WomenMuslim Women


55. Women: “… and live with them in kindness. For if you dislike them – Perhaps you dislike a thing and Allah makes therein much good.” – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

56. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: Anyone who has two daughters, and did not bury them, did not insult them and brought them up properly, he and I will be like this,” holding his two fingers close together.” – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

57. Rights of a women in marriage in Islam. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

58. “Ya Allah, you blessed me with Islam and I didn’t ask for it. Ya Allah blesses me with Jannat-ul-Firdaus, and I am asking for it. – Imam Ash-ShafiMuslim Women

59. Every time someone sees me with my Hijab/Niqab, they identify me s a Muslim: a slave of Allah. What a wonderful identity SubhanAllah!. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

60. “Umm is a mother but Ummah is a nation. Preserve the woman and you’ll save the nation.” – Women in Islam
women in islam

61. The relationship between  Husband and his wife should be like the Relationship of a Hand and an Eye. If the eye cries, the hand should always be there to wipe its tears. Just like the Husband wipes the wife’s tears. – Women in Islam Women in Islam

62. You will be rewarded for the handful of food you put in your wife’s mouth. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

63. A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity and her heart for love. For those that don’t like her… she uses prayers. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

64. The Muslim Woman is clothed in strength and dignity. She trusts in Allah & Smiles without fear of the future – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


65. “If you don’t intend to marry her; keep your hands off another man’s future wife. If you do intend to marry her; keep your hands off until she is your wife.” -Women in IslamWomen in Islam

66. “A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a Queen.” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

67. It is not the cloth that oppresses the woman; it is the illiterate mind. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

68.  No building is covered with  cloth but Ka’ba!. No book is covered with a cloth but Qur’an!. No woman is covered with veil but a Muslimah!. So think of the value of a Muslimah whom Allah ordered to cover her beauty. -Women in IslamWomen in Islam

69. Not a single photo of Aisha R.A Exists, Yet she is in the hearts and minds of Billions. Let your mind change the world, not your body. – Women in Islam


70. Treat your wife the way you want your daughter to be treated. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

71. Don’t be embarrassed by who you are; Allah made you perfect. People are going to judge you no matter what you do. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

72. Women are like flowers. They should be treated gently, kindly and with affection. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

73. If a man expects his Woman to be an angel in his life, then he should first create a heaven for her. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

74. “My sisters, let’s tell ‘fashion’, we love Allah more.” – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

75. Never a slave to fashion. Only a slave to Allah. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


76. Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

77. My Hijab is my dignity, my respect and my honour, and I will never ever trade it for this temporary world. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

78. In this age of nudity, the more you reveal the cheaper you are regarded, even if the world makes you feel you are liberated. –  Women in IslamWomen in Islam

79. My beauty is for my husband only. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women


80. To my beautiful daughter, I love you. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

81. Never disrespect a woman when Allah dedicated a whole surah called Surah Al-Nisa. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

82. Be kind and considerate to your woman. She is a tender flower and not your household slave. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

83. The most beautiful characteristic is Haya (Modesty). – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

84. Be like a diamond. Precious and rare, not like a stone found everywhere. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

85. A woman is not a commodity or a toy of amusement but a real partner to the man who has rights of her own and deserves the utmost respect. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women


86. If you heard that Islam oppresses women then it is incorrect, here is the proof… – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

87. Your wife should respect your parents. But she is not there to serve them, you are. – Muslim Women
Muslim Women

88. You may not be a fairytale princess but you are always a princess of Islam. – Muslim WomenMuslim Women

89. There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


90. When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at both of them with mercy. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

91. Shyness and modesty of men are an excellent virtue, but the shyness and modesty of women are even more so. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

92. The servant who seeks the pleasure of Allah never abandons repentance. He remains in the state of repentance until the end of his life. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

93. Discrimination at every level is discrimination. – Women in Islam
Women in Islam

94. Beauty is like a book. It cannot be judged by its cover. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


95. Every mother is a daa’iyah for her child and family. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

96. A woman’s beauty is not in her features, the shades of her skin, or her possessions. True beauty is in her heart, her Imaan, her Taqwa, and love for her Deen. So few men understand this. Even fewer women do. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

97. Allah dignifies both men and women in their distinctiveness, not in their sameness. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

98. Daughters can be a ticket to a Jannah, raise them well. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

99. Judge me by what’s in my head, not what’s on my head. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam


100. Islam considers man strong and woman delicate and elegant. This is neither an insult to women nor an insult to men; it is actually a proper view of their nature. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

101. Never think of a hijabi as an oppressed person. They might have more freedom than you do. – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

102. Why is she oppressed? – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

103. Only an Honorable man treats women with honor and integrity … – Women in IslamWomen in Islam

Beautiful Husband Dua of a Muslim Woman – Bonus

104. Oh, Allah! Grant me a husband who will be the garment of my soul. Who will satisfy half of my Deen. Who will be righteous and on Allah’s path. Who will remind me to pray, who earns money and things from Halal sources, who always refers to Quran and Hadith. Who uses sunnah as his moral guide. Who is always thankful and appreciate Allah for the woman at his side. Who always be conscious of his anger, who often fasts and pray. Who is sensitive and charitable, who will honour and protect me, who can guide me in his temporary life. Who loves me when I am with him, but still has me in his heart and on his mind when I am not with him.

Women in Islam

Parting Words: 

A lot of effort, time and dedication went into curating this list about the quotes of Muslim women and the status of Women in Islam. Forgive me for any mistake that you noticed and share it in the comments so I can correct it. Alos, Share your favorite quotes with me in the comment section and also with your friends and family on your social networks.


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  6. Women in Islam are really powerful. They are assigned with one of the most important duties. RAISING THE GENERATIONS

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