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33+ Yasmin Mogahed Quotes with Images – Inspirational

Islamic Quotes - Yasmin Mogahed QuotesYasmin Mogahed is a much sought after Islamic Dayee and this is the reason why I am sharing Yasmin Mogahed Quotes in this blog, because many Muslims follow her work and writings both in online and offline world. This list of 33+ Yasmin Mogahed Quotes will inspire all the readers to reconnect with Allah on a deeper and more meaningful scale.

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Brief Introduction of Yasmin Mogahed:

Yasmin Mogahed completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and her Master’s Degree in Journalism and Mass communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon completion of her formal studies, Yasmin provided her services as a youth coordinator and also taught Islamic Studies to students seeking the knowledge of Islam.

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She is also a writer at various online websites and also authored her book, Reclaim Your Heart, which is about breaking the shackles of life and achieving freedom. She also writes on spiritual and personal development in her articles, essays and books.

33+ Islamic Quotes of Yasmin Mogahed

  1. If there is one recipe for unhappiness it is that: expectations. – Yasmin Mogahed

  2. Some hearts understand each other, even in silence. – Yasmin Mogahed

  3. Real love brings about calm—not inner torment. True love allows you to be at peace with yourself and with God. That is why Allah says: “that you may dwell in tranquility.” Hawa is the opposite. Hawa will make you miserable. And just like a drug, you will crave it always, but never be satisfied. You will chase it to your own detriment, but never reach it. – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

  4. Sometimes you search so hard for words. You look for a way to interpret the language of this heart and the unspoken bond you feel. But in the end you are left with nothing but silence. And deep down you hope it’s understood. – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

  5. So often we experience things in life, and yet never see the connections between them. When we are given hardship, or feel pain, we often fail to consider that the experience may be the direct cause or result of another action or experience. Sometimes we fail to recognize the direct connection between the pain in our lives and our relationship with Allah SWT – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes
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  1. Don’t despair if your heart has been through a lot of trauma. Sometimes that’s how beautiful hearts are remade: they are shattered first. – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

  2. To some, Islam is nothing but a code of rules and regulations. But, to those who understand, it is a perfect vision of life. – Reclaim Your Heart

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  3. My value as a woman is not measured by the size of my waist or the number of men who like me. My worth as a human being is measured on a higher scale: a scale of righteousness and piety. And my purpose in life-despite what fashion magazines say-is something more sublime than just looking good for men. – Reclaim Your Heart

  4. Time of difficulty test our faith, our fortitude and our strength. During these times, the level of our imaan becomes manifest. – Reclaim Your Heart

  5. Holding on to hope when everything is dark, is the greatest test of faith.- Yasmin Mogahed Quotes
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  6. Even when you know you can get nothing back. – Reclaim Your Heart


  1. When you have friends, don’t expect your friends to fill your emptiness. When you get married, don’t expect your spouse to fulfill your every need. When you’re an activist, don’t put your hope in the results. When you’re in trouble don’t depend on yourself. Don’t depend on people. Depend on Allah. – Reclaim Your Heart

  2. When we can’t marry the person we had in mind, our inability to look beyond may even blind sight us from someone who is in fact better for us. When we don’t get hired, or we lose something dear to us, it’s hard to take a step back and notice the bigger picture. Often Allah takes things away from us, only to replace them with something greater. – Reclaim Your Heart

  3. Your heart is sacred land. Don’t let just anything enter it. Guard it with your life. – Reclaim Your Heart

  4. When I need God most, He comes to me the fastest and closest. When I need the creation most, they run from me the fastest and farthest. – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

  5. As much as you can, keep Dunya (worldly life) in your hand–not in your heart. That means when someone insults you, keep it out of your heart so it doesn’t make you bitter or defensive. When someone praises you, also keep it out of your heart, so it doesn’t make you arrogant and self-deluded. When you face hardship and stress, don’t absorb it in your heart, so you don’t become hopeless and overwhelmed. Instead keep it in your hands and realize that everything passes. When you’re given a gift by God, don’t hold it in your heart. Hold it in your hand so that you don’t begin to love the gift more than the giver. And so that when it is taken away you can truly respond with ‘inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon’: indeed we belong to God, and to God we return.  – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

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  6. As Muslim women, we have been liberated from this silent bondage. We don’t need society’s standard of beauty or fashion, to define our worth. We don’t need to become just like men to be honored, and we don’t need to wait for a prince to save or complete us. Our worth, our honor, our salvation, and our completion lie not in the slave. But, in the Lord of the slave.  – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes
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  1. To empty the heart does not mean to not love. On the contrary, true love, as God intented it, is purest when it is not based on a false attachment. The process of first emptying the heart can be found in the beginning half of the shahada (declaration of faith). – Yasmin Mogahed

  2. If you allow dunya to own your heart, like the ocean that owns the boat, it will take over. You will sink down to the depths of the sea. You will touch the ocean floor.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  3. There are internal chains and external chains. All the external chains in the world won’t enslave you, if you are free inside. And all the external ‘freedom’ in the world won’t liberate you, if you are chained inside. Let go. And you’ll know Freedom.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  4. You refuse to forgive people, and yet on the Day of Judgment you will stand bare, begging Allah to forgive you.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  5. Try not to confuse attachment with love. Attachment is about fear and dependency, and has more to do with love of self than love of another. Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn’t about what others can give you because you are empty. It is about what you can give others because you are already full.  – Yasmin Mogahed

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  6. Even when letting go of people hurts, face your heart towards Allah and run. Whatever is meant for you, will come after you. Whatever is not, will stay behind.

  7. True love allows you to be at peace with yourself and with God. That is why Allah says: “that you may dwell in tranquility.– Yasmin Mogahed Quotes
    Yasmin Mogahed Quotes on Love

  8. Worry is a direct consequence of relying on your own efforts.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  9. Speak your heart. If they don’t understand, the message was never meant for them anyway.  – Yasmin Mogahed


  1. There’s a powerful tool that allows you to distinguish between what’s Real and what’s just a phase. It’s Time.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  2. Nothing is difficult if you seek it through your Lord, and nothing is easy if you seek it through yourself.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  3. Tear your heart out of your chest. And hand it to God. There is no other healing. I swear, there is no other healing.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  4. Today, we’re no longer just ‘Muslim’. We’re ‘progressives’, ‘Islamists’, ‘traditionalists’, ‘salafis’, ‘indigenous’, and ‘immigrants’. And each group has become so alienated from the other, that we’ve almost forgotten that we share a common creed.  – Yasmin Mogahed

  5. Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel.  – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes
    Yasmin Mogahed Quotes on Loving Yourself

  6. Do your part, but stop trying to steer your destiny. You’re not in charge.  – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

  7. Time for solitude. God, I ask you to remake my heart. Fill it with what you love. Remove from it what you don’t. And mend what I’ve broken.  – Yasmin Mogahed Quotes

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